ZooCephaly Introduces More Globe Trotting Plush Animals

This blog houses all the information about our GLOBE TROTTING PLUSH ANIMALS Molly and Milly the Microcephaly Monkeys, Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranenchaphly Bee, and Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear. These animals are spending 1 - 2 weeks at homes of children who have Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Hydranencephaly, and Schizencephaly and in doing so are offering comfort and spreading awareness about these neurological disorders. The stories of these animals' visits with these families are included. This blog also discusses our other outreach programs: SOCKIES FOR SICKIES, which sends sock monkeys to children who are chronically ill due to their neuro. disorder. These monkeys are for these children to keep. ANGEL MONKEYS, are also sent to families that have angels in Heaven, along with a framed poem.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Sock Monkey Going to his Forever Home

Thanks to the generous donation of Heather Sklar and Michael Kahn, the Monkey House will be able to send their first sock monkey to his forever home.

The above cutie is going to Emily Evans to keep her company in the hospital. 
Read her Mommy's blog to get more information of their story: 

More monkeys waiting to bring hope and joy!

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