ZooCephaly Introduces More Globe Trotting Plush Animals

This blog houses all the information about our GLOBE TROTTING PLUSH ANIMALS Molly and Milly the Microcephaly Monkeys, Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranenchaphly Bee, and Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear. These animals are spending 1 - 2 weeks at homes of children who have Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Hydranencephaly, and Schizencephaly and in doing so are offering comfort and spreading awareness about these neurological disorders. The stories of these animals' visits with these families are included. This blog also discusses our other outreach programs: SOCKIES FOR SICKIES, which sends sock monkeys to children who are chronically ill due to their neuro. disorder. These monkeys are for these children to keep. ANGEL MONKEYS, are also sent to families that have angels in Heaven, along with a framed poem.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sock Monkeys at the Convention and for Our Sick Shining Stars

Molly thinks that every child with Microcephaly should have a sock monkey. (Read side bar to the right to find out about Molly's first fundraiser.) She told me that Maxx makes her happy. So, we decided that sock monkeys should make a debut at the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly  (click the words to go the website) in the children's goody bags.

Also, she wants to bring a little sunshine to the children with Microcephaly who are spending long periods of time at hospitals and those, who for medical reasons won't be able to make it to the convention this year. The Sklar's, back at the Monkey House, will start taking names and addresses of children that are in the hospital for a looong stay, so we can start getting sock monkeys out to the perspective hospitals, so our little sockie friends can brighten up as many sad situations as possible.

You can participate in this by:

  •  donating $5 - $15 to the Sklar's.
  •  participating in one of Molly's up and coming fundraiser (always pay attention to the right side bar for links and fundraiser info.)
  • or simply going out and buying some sock monkeys yourself. If you do this one, I will send you the address of a family or families in which to send your selected sock monkeys.
Contact Heather Tuttle Sklar on my FB page or at my e-mail satellitegrl@yahoo.com. Thank you again in advance! 

Love, Heather, Ella and Molly

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Molly's Story ~ At the Monkey House, a.k.a. Home Base, a.k.a. Sklar's House

Molly is a monkey with a small head. She has **Microcephaly, but that doesn't hold her back, she is going to be the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly's mascot. She is going to travel ALLLL over the world to visit families with children who have Microcephaly. She will be bringing her BIG heart and lots of cuddles and HOPE with her. Hope for many days, for days of love, for days of cuddles. Hope of days that are happy, that bring smiles, milestones. She is an extension of the Sklar family. She will spread Heather's Sklar's hope for all families that we can all be connected by Molly, connected in a community that has HOPE!

Molly has spent her first few months at the Sklar's home. She has seen lots of therapists helping Ella, the Sklar's child with Microcephaly, with Speech, Gross Motor, fine motor, self-help, learning, feeding, etc.... So, much hustle and bustle to help one little girl. Yet, Molly gets help too with all those parts of life. She also saw lots of fun and love going on between Ella and her Mama, Heather and her sister, Rylee and Papa, Ian. Some fun things they did were carving a pumpkin around Halloween. Molly also received an adorable little stuffed sock Monkey of her own, named Maxx for Christmas.

She has a typically developing monkey brother that is staying back at the Monkey House to keep Ella company. His name is Maurey and he wants postcards from all of Molly's travels!

She is bringing Maxx on her travels to keep her company while she rides in her box in mail-trucks and/or airlplanes. She is most likely on an airplane on her way to Canada. What a BRAVE little Monkey she is!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Inspiration for Molly

Late last year, one of the members of the Facebook group, Children with Microcephaly brought to our attention a really wonderful idea from the Traveling Awareness Bears blog:  http://www.travelingawarenessbears.org/ 
Thank you,Vanessa King for sharing your idea with us. As a group, we decided to use a monkey for our traveling stuffed animal and had already purchased Mollie, the Scentsy buddy, so we all decided to use her to become Molly the Microcephaly Monkey. That is how Molly came to be.