ZooCephaly Introduces More Globe Trotting Plush Animals

This blog houses all the information about our GLOBE TROTTING PLUSH ANIMALS Molly and Milly the Microcephaly Monkeys, Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranenchaphly Bee, and Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear. These animals are spending 1 - 2 weeks at homes of children who have Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Hydranencephaly, and Schizencephaly and in doing so are offering comfort and spreading awareness about these neurological disorders. The stories of these animals' visits with these families are included. This blog also discusses our other outreach programs: SOCKIES FOR SICKIES, which sends sock monkeys to children who are chronically ill due to their neuro. disorder. These monkeys are for these children to keep. ANGEL MONKEYS, are also sent to families that have angels in Heaven, along with a framed poem.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Molly's Stay with Sean and the Hudson Family

The Hudson's did a great job of sending loads of pictures and updated us through most of Molly's week with Sean (thanks, Mama Hudson aka Robin!) Here is Molly's stay in pictures and captions:

Sean hiding Molly in his book bag! Sneaky guy! LOL!

Sean and Molly bonded immediately

Sean went to visit his grandparents. Molly met cousin Cody . Smiles

Cuddles with Sean and his grandparents and MOLLY!

Molly shared in Sean's last day for Speech/Feeding Therapy.
Molly and Sean showed their love to Neddy, therapy receptionist
Sean sharing Molly and Molly sharing her sock monkey with
Sean's sister Karli! Sibling love! 

Molly will be missed at the Hudson house. Here she is all packed up
to go on her next adventure! 

Emily Evans Loved Her Sock Monkey! Now She is Flying with the Angels

Emily and her lovelies from her friends. The little grey
one was from us here at the monkey house! 

Molly reached Ms. Emily, otherwise known as Peanut in between hospital stays. This family is amazing in their continued out-reach to others, even when Emily is in the hospital and even during Emily's hospice care . Sara is a huge part of the Microcephaly community and has shared Emily with the facebook group, Parents of Children with any-cephaly group and many others in the any-cephaly community. Emily's battle with her disorders and conditions was tough and heart-breaking to watch, but what made us all marvel was that she still managed to have her pure, wonderful and smiley moments. She was a fighter and no one feels that she lost her battle when she passed away on April 16th, 2012. We all feel that she gained her wings and won a war of love and purity and grace, while she was with her family for 8 short years.

As a mother of a Special Needs child, I often keep my thoughts of Ella's mortality and my fears of when the end of her life will occur at bay. Yet, Sara addressed hers, always allowed her emotions, whether they were hopeful, fearful, or heart-felt right there on her face and in her writings. Sara and Emily are my heroes. I have teared up and out-right cried during this time of mourning for a child that I have never held in my arms, but I hold her and her mother, Sara in my heart!

During Emily's hospice care members of our any-cephaly group began flooding FB with images of Hello Kitty both on Sara Evans page and as their own profile pictures. I did for a little while. My cover photo was a Hello Kitty as well. I also bought Ella a Hello Kitty plush and Lulu gave her a Hello Kitty with a bunny costume for Easter. So, I took many pictures of Ella with her kitties as well as clothes with Hello Kitty on it. Other friends of Emily and Sara did the same.

After Emily passed away on April 16th, her family posted the obituary, which asked for attendees to wear pink in celebration of Emily's life. On her funeral on April 22nd, people did and they also released balloons into the sky to honor Emily. People who couldn't attend wore pink on that day and sent those pictures to Sara's Facebook page. We wore our pink here at the monkey house, too.

Balloons released at the funeral for Emily 

Ella and me wearing pink in Emily's honor

Our buddy, Parker and her family showing
support with a balloon release of their own.

The Miller Clan wearing pink and ready to release some balloons

Fly high sweet, Emily! You belonged here with your family; you died to soon! Yet, your soul and your heart goes on and on in your mother's heart, your brother's eyes.

Love, Heather, Molly, Milly, and Ella

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Molly's Trip to Canada

Molly spent about a week in Canada visiting the Ebbs family. She spent most of her time with Victoria. They went to school, spent time with loved ones, and had many smiles.

Virgil, the sock monkey Found His FOREVER HOME!!!

Charlie Crohare received his Sock Monkey in the mail. Charlie is a cute little boy, who unfortunately spends a lot of time in and out of the hospital. He will be keeping Virgil his cutely named sock monkey with him when he goes to make him feel comforted in some small way!

Charlie and his little socky friend, Virgil (love the name)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Sock Monkey Going to his Forever Home

Thanks to the generous donation of Heather Sklar and Michael Kahn, the Monkey House will be able to send their first sock monkey to his forever home.

The above cutie is going to Emily Evans to keep her company in the hospital. 
Read her Mommy's blog to get more information of their story: 

More monkeys waiting to bring hope and joy!

Introducing Molly's Twin Sister, MILLY the Microcephaly Monkey!

Ella smiling for Milly!
The Sklar's just adopted Milly, Molly's twin sister, from Scentsy adoption agency. She will be going on her own journey around the world as well. Milly has Microcephaly just like Ella and Molly, but hers isn't as severe. She has some mild sensory issues and is somewhat withdraw at times. She loves to color and likes it when people read her stories. Her favorite TV shows are Dora the Explorer and Diego, because they showcase animals like her. She is a quiet and cute little monkey.

When she arrives at the Sklar's she will be sent to the next person on the list, who is Amber Patton and her family in Arizona. Molly will be going on to California to visit the Hudson's. (The original travel plans will be updated with two lists - check side-bar on the right.) That way the Sklar's can reach more families with the Molly and Milly team of Monkey Microcephaly travelers! Molly and Milly will have sometime to be together at the Monkey House (Sklar home) and then Milly will resume her travels and Molly will go to the Convention for the Foundation with Children with Microcephlay.
Ella blows kiss to Milly! 
Milly ready to go to Arizona!