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This blog houses all the information about our GLOBE TROTTING PLUSH ANIMALS Molly and Milly the Microcephaly Monkeys, Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranenchaphly Bee, and Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear. These animals are spending 1 - 2 weeks at homes of children who have Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Hydranencephaly, and Schizencephaly and in doing so are offering comfort and spreading awareness about these neurological disorders. The stories of these animals' visits with these families are included. This blog also discusses our other outreach programs: SOCKIES FOR SICKIES, which sends sock monkeys to children who are chronically ill due to their neuro. disorder. These monkeys are for these children to keep. ANGEL MONKEYS, are also sent to families that have angels in Heaven, along with a framed poem.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Milly Visits with Aislynn Diehl ~ Fun in New Mexico

After a long stay in Arizona, Milly arrived in New Mexico to spend some time with Aislynn Diehl and her family. When she arrived, she was greeted by a very excited Aislynn. Aislynn had been feeling sick, but being introduced to Milly was good medicine for this adorable young lady! Many hugs ensued and a cuddly night watching Dora the Explorer with Aislynn's step mother, April; her father, Aaron; little brother, Logan; and last but not least, Aislynn's dog, Daisy.

The next day Milly and Aislynn set off on a big bus to Pre-K. Aislynn loves school and Milly enjoyed her visit.

During the third evening, the Diehl's had a party and Milly had a blast wth Aislynn and her friends. They rode bikes and did art projects.

The entire fourth day was spent at Aislynn's Grandma and Grandpa's house. By the time that Mama Spring came to pick up Aislynn and Milly, they were very tired, after day full of playing and running around. The fifth was another very busy outdoor day. Milly rode in the trailer on a bike ride with Aislynn and Logan. Following their ride, the Diehl's had a barbecue with Aislynn's Uncle Brian.

More friends visited on the sixth day and they played outside and went swimming. Aislynn showed Milly her favorite thing to play in outside, THE SANDBOX!!! YAY!

Another fun-filled play-date happened on the seventh day at the park. Aislynn and Milly slid, played in the dirt and had a picnic with Aislynn's friends and Milly's new friends. The eighth night was spent at another barbecue. WHEW, was Milly tired, but sooo enjoyed her trip to Arizona and New Mexico.
Cuddles between Aislynn

Big smiles from Aislynn during her introduction to Milly

Sandbox time ~ Aislynn and Milly


Picnic with friends! 

Aislynn shared Milly with Logan, her little bro.

Logan and Millie outside

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