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This blog houses all the information about our GLOBE TROTTING PLUSH ANIMALS Molly and Milly the Microcephaly Monkeys, Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranenchaphly Bee, and Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear. These animals are spending 1 - 2 weeks at homes of children who have Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Hydranencephaly, and Schizencephaly and in doing so are offering comfort and spreading awareness about these neurological disorders. The stories of these animals' visits with these families are included. This blog also discusses our other outreach programs: SOCKIES FOR SICKIES, which sends sock monkeys to children who are chronically ill due to their neuro. disorder. These monkeys are for these children to keep. ANGEL MONKEYS, are also sent to families that have angels in Heaven, along with a framed poem.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updated ~ Milly's Visit with Amber in Arizona and Amber's Sock Monkey

OH NO!!! Poor Milly arrived in Arizona with a damaged box. Yet, Sarah Patton checked out the box and we determined that there was nothing missing. Who would mess up the box though??? Luckily, Milly and her items were okay. Amber, Sarah's sister was delighted to receive Milly. They enjoyed cuddles, hugs and such. Yet, since Amber is a beautiful young lady, and they enjoyed some primping at a nail salon. Amber took Milly to Red Robin for lunch and to the movie, Mirror, Mirror. It sounds like they had a great time together.
Amber and Milly waiting for their lunch at Red Robin
Movie Day ~ The ladies waiting for Mirror, Mirror to start
at the movie theater! 

Of course, Amber had a blast with Milly and her sister Sarah, but much of Milly's visit was spent with Amber's nephew, A.J. (sister Sarah's little boy). The entire family and Milly all tried to help A.J. crawl. Milly, Amber, Sarah, etc... were all excited to watch A.J. crawl on Milly's last weekend in Arizona. The Three Musketeers enjoyed stories, watching and singing along to Blues Clues and the Wiggles. Amber knows most of the songs and dances of these two shows. Milly tried hard to keep up.

Awwww....Milly with Amber and her nephew, A.J.! 

Milly and Amber spent some one on one time listening to music and singing. They also played Angry Birds on Amber's iPad. Since, Milly loves music, the two had so much FUN together!

During Milly's trip to Arizona, she took a mini-trip to Amber's brother's house in another city in Arizona. It was for Easter, so Milly and Amber enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with Meara (Amber's niece) and Nevin (her nephew). They also decorated eggs to look like monsters. After a yummy Easter barbecue, everyone went to the backyard for a game of basketball.
Milly with family!

Milly with Easter Bunny and Amber

Overall, Milly enjoyed her time with Amber and her family, but was sad to see Amber going to many doctor's and saw Amber have many seizures. When Milly's adopted Mama, Heather found out about this, she sent a sock monkey to Amber (and a little elephant to A.J.) named Maxxie. According to Sarah, Amber's sister, Amber thinks that all monkeys should be named Sarah, so Maxxie was re-named as soon as Amber saw her.

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